How We Do It

TM Realty Services Expertise

TMRS proactive approach to the management of our communities provides the recipe for success to the multifamily owners that we represent. The TMRS management team has in excess of a century in combined experience in the multi-family industry. Case studies demonstrate that once TMRS takes management of your community, you quickly experience improved occupancy, improved renewal ratios, improved traffic, improved close ratios, decreased delinquency, and improved NOI and cash flow. This is achieved through:

  • Training and directing the community staff to achieve excellence in performance.
  • Daily oversight on goals to be achieved and issues to be resolved.
  • Maintaining a clean crisp community.
  • Designing marketing plans that result in improved traffic and leasing close ratios.
  • Establishing policy and procedures and enforcing the same to provide leadership and accountability to the staff.
  • Creating a workable and profitable budget.
  • Providing the ownership monthly detailed financials and variance reports to keep them informed and knowledgeable on the full operations of their community.
  • TM Realty Services researches and implements the latest technology that has the ability to create a more efficient reporting system and a more user friendly resident and applicant portal.
  • Setting Goals, Attaining Goals and then Setting New Goals to attain provides the platform for the community staff to excel and be rewarded for excelling. When the staff excels the community succeed.

TM Realty Services Management Style

  • We believe in a proactive property management approach.
  • We believe in person visits to each community we oversee no less than once every two weeks.
  • We believe in daily contact with the communities by one of the management team.
  • We believe in providing the training resources to each and every staff member that allows them the opportunity to succeed in their job endeavors.
  • We believe in accountability of our employees and provide the necessary training and reviews to ensure they can achieve the level of expertise that we have trusted them with.
  • We believe in truth, we provide surveys to residents and applicants that address their experiences with leasing, renewals, work orders, move-in, and move -out. We track and respond to each and every survey.
  • We believe in providing the most detailed financial statements to the owners so questions are answered and not generated by vague explanations.
  • We believe in cleanliness and work with the staff and vendors to ensure that each community is clean and respectable at all times.
  • We believe in success of the community, success of our community team members, success of our owner members, and success of TM Realty Services.