What We Do

Accounting and Reporting

The background of TM Realty Services has been instrumental in designing our management report. TMRS focuses on clarity of financial and management reporting. Our intensive financial reporting and hands-on management of real estate assets is uniquely tailored toward investment performance evaluation and satisfies the rigorous accounting standards required by our institutional clients. The reporting is designed to highlight important operational issues, allowing for swift decision making and implementation of business plans resulting in enhanced improvements in the operations and stabilized long-term economic value of the underlying assets.

  • Disciplined approach to financial reporting provides lenders and investors with a clear understanding of the operating performance of the asset
  • Oversight of operational activities, coordination and communication among lenders, investors and third parties facilitates real-time information and maximizing results within the intended timeline

Asset Advisory/Receiverships/Distressed Asset Management

  • TM Realty Services team of seasoned professionals is equipped to handle all aspects of receiverships, asset management, consulting, property management, construction services and REO’s. We have been involved in various capacities in over 5,000 units, both rental and condo conversions, and over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space.
  • We have been providing these services since 2005 and have worked with several institutional clients including; Citibank, WaMu/Chase, Midland, Firstbank Florida, Key Bank, and Executive National Bank. The TMRS team has a comprehensive and varied background in many aspects of real estate and operations.